Kronos XF

Kronos XF was engineered for efficient aerial photogrammetry and remote sensing by removing the necessity to use Ground Control Points on the field. As a result, you spend less time on the field, leading to a quicker turnover. The achieved ground sampling distance is 0.91 cm/pixel by flying at altitude 70 m above ground. You use the high fidelity imagery to create dense point clouds, digital terrain models or orthophotos, all of them being referenced by Post-Processed Kinematic data.

Safety measures and reliability of our product puts your mind at ease even in the toughest of situations like strong winds, varied terrain and proximity to large water bodies. You also have a possibility to land with parachute.

Kronos XF is highly autonomous, requiring no operator input during the flight and can be optionally piloted by remote controls in assisted mode which is easy to control even for personnel without previous remote piloting skills.

Kronos XF is packed in a single, robust transport case. Because of relatively small size and low weight, you can carry Kronos XF in a backpack for very long distances in wilderness, making it logistically optimal even for use in areas that can not be normally reached by all-terrain vehicles.


Survey SizeUp to 700 Ha @ 100 m - 1.31 cm/pixel
Ground Sampling Distance0.91 cm/pixel @ 70 m
EnduranceUp to 3 hours
Take-off altitudeUp to 4500 m MSL
Datalink RangeUp to 10 km (up to 30 km with tracking antenna)
Datalink Frequency868 Mhz / 915 MHz
Payload typesRGB, Multispectral, LIDAR, Thermal
Take-off typeCatapult launch / Hand launch
Landing typeConventional / Parachute
Transport case dimensions120 cm x 40 cm x 30 cm

Package deliverables

Kronos XF unmanned system package includes:

  • Kronos XF airframe (with a survey grade L1/L2 receiver)
  • Ground Control Station
  • Foldable catapult
  • Transport case
  • Battery (one spare battery pack)
  • Parachute (two packs)
  • Battery charger (with appropriate charging cables)
  • Spare parts and accessories
  • User manual
  • Training course (excl. lodging and transportation costs)
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle, Kronos XF for mapping, surveying, precision agriculture, mining
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle, Kronos XF for mapping, surveying, precision agriculture, mining