About Animus Robo-Tek

Animus Robo-Tek d.o.o. is a tech company that develops unmanned systems and their sub-systems for remote sensing. We are based in a small, green country of Slovenia that is packed with potential.

Our team is very competitive and excels at coming up with novel and efficient solutions to complex problems.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a globally recognized enterprise in the unmanned tech industry. Hence, we are always striving for excellence and optimal workflow. We are building upon our multi-disciplinary experience in aerospace, robotics, software engineering and mechanical engineering.

Our values

At Animus Robo-Tek d.o.o., we believe in determination – don’t give up, no matter the challenge, creativity – think outside box and find great solutions to everything we do, learning – we value lifelong learning, constantly improving ourselves and therefore, the world with it.